New rules for commenting on The Current

By David F. Rooney

The rules for commenting on The Revelstoke Current have been changed as a result of the recent unpleasantness regarding Norm Macdonald’s opinion piece headlined, British Columbians aren’t buying BC Liberal excuses on HST.

In the interest of full disclosure and maintaining a high level of civility all posters are now required to be registered. This means you must enter your full name and have a valid personal e-mail address. Once you have registered you will be able to comment as before. I will see all posts as they appear. E-mail addresses that are essentially anonymous e-mail clearing houses will automatically be identified as spam.

The Revelstoke Current’s credibility as a forum for open public discussion depends on the willingness of its readers to engage in open discussion on all issues and to respect the opinions of others. People do not have to agree with each other — in fact, I enjoy vigorous debate — but flaming, name calling and attempts to shout down other users are completely unacceptable.

It has been a usually-fun free-for-all, comment-wise, for the last three years and most people have complied with my urging that they identify themselves but enough is enough. If you do not wish to be identified please don’t attempt to comment directly on The Current. This is not open to debate and anyone attempting to circumvent the rules will be banned.

Having said that, however, exceptions may be made, but solely at my discretion and only under certain circumstances. If you believe that what you have to say about an issue is valid but may result in retaliation by an employer or an agent of government you can approach me directly at to discuss your situation.