In Memoriam… Neil Edward Martin

Neil Edward Martin 1986-2011
NEIL EDWARD MARTIN, our son  and brother would have been 26 on May 2, 2012
This year we will celebrate  the gifts his short life gave to us…
25  years,  four months,  three days of, in his words, Gladiness… his motto “I’m so Glad”
“So glad to be alive this day, and every other but if I had a pick it would be today.”
August 16, 2011  (To a friend on Facebook)
We search through life to find something to live for.
“Life’s not complete till that moment.” (To a friend on Facebook)
“To help another, you must help yourself first.  To  make yourself feel good,
 I always believe helping others makes me happy,
 but the point is that to help someone is not to give them help,
but to get them to see you’rr helping yourself and them to learn from that…”
Sept. 1, 2011   ( Four days before his death  to a friend on Facebook)
The good die young…” to a Jimmy A. who died in 2010
“You know mom, family is everything isn’t it?”
Always with us, within…
Parents Dianne and Ed, brothers Joel and Simon,
sisters-in-law Tamarin and Brittany,
niece and nephews Lucy,Corbin, Kaleb, and Jude.