Family questions ban on access to the flats

To the Mayor and Councillors
City of Revelstoke

We are writing to voice our concern over the proposed closure of access to the flats at the south end of the airport.   We understand that the mayor of Revelstoke is also vice Chair of the CSRD and a member of the Revelstoke Airport Committee.  Can we therefore assume  that the City of Revelstoke supports this decision to close off access to the flats ? This access is the only one with space for people to park and be off the road.  It gives access by path to the old road and rail beds which people use for walking, cycling, riding horses, cross country skiing, bird watching and other nonmotorised activities.

The new bridge could have provided people with so many options for activities but with this access point unavailable people from the south end of Arrow Heights and South Revelstoke will be unable to use this route into town. .

I understand that this access point is part of a wildlife corridor –has the Ministry of Environment been consulted about the closure ?

To respond to Loni Parkers flippant comments in the press release:

Concern for the birds is misplaced at present when the main disturbing factors are planes and helicopters

Closing off this access will limit people’s ability to access the flats without walking through the nesting areas.  At present people and the vaste array of birds exist in harmony–but the creation of new paths could have a different result.   .

There are many other beautiful places in this valley but access for many people is difficult and involves driving.  Parking along Airport Way could become an issue as more people have to use their vehicles to get to an access point so that they can go for a walk

Of course security at this airport is important –however there have been no incidents and  Canada geese are more likely to wander on to the runway than people or dogs . Private jets from the big cities may be concerned about security at this little airport but why should the real life of many, many, locals be compromised by the imagined concerns of a few visitors ?

Why not have a trial period of posting signs to educate people of the dangers of wandering onto the runway –enforce these rules and review the effectiveness.  Airport days would be an ideal opportunity for such an education blitz.

If you do not know the area and the access and would like to know why it is important to us we would be more than happy to show you around

The McNab Family