Clancy goes hunting for a Big Bike partner

Here's a sure sign that the Heart & Stroke Foundation's Big Bike is soon coming to town: Clancy Boettger went trolling for someone to cycle with him and found just the person he needed in the form of Karen Powers. A long-time supporter of the foundation, Karen has never been on the bike before. Clancy, though is an old hand at it. He's ridden the machine six times and likely has years more get-and-go in him. Sure, he's 8 but, he still hunts big game on his own and last year spent five hours packing a moose out of the backcountry. At his age you might well imagine he has had at least mild heart attack or stroke but, no, not even a twinge. "I've had three hip replacements, a broken neck and a broken back — but I've never had heart trouble," he said Wednesday. "But this will be my sixth ride on the Big Bike." The Big Bike will be here on May 12. Businesses and clubs around town will be forming teams right about now. David F. Rooney photo

If you’d like to find out more about this popular fund-raiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation please go online to the Big Bike’s web site.