Acrobats went for gold at the BC Championships

Revelstoke Acrobats' Frankie Howe and Chloe Suchovs perform in the synchronized trampoline event. Darryn Shewchuk photo

By Heather Cretelli

Amanda Batke performs a double mini. Evan Batke photo

The Revelstoke Acrobats

The Revelstoke Acrobats’ competitive team got an exciting start to their Spring Break, travelling to Kamloops for the BC Trampoline Gymnastics Championships March 16-18.

The large meet saw teams from all over BC vying for the elusive titles of BC Champions; most categories had twenty to thirty athletes in them.  The largest team that Revelstoke has had in many years competed over the weekend, and saw five new athletes competing for the first time.

On the podium, winning gold in level ‘A’ synchronized trampoline were Stephanie Batke and Marissa Duncan.  Cheyenne Brule and Jordan-Vandenberg-Clark also placed 4th in the same category.  In ‘B’, Kayla Fenwick and Jenna Bollefer earned a silver medal, just beating out Chloe Suchovs and Frankie Howe, winning the bronze.  Isabella Mendonca and Hannah Winger placed 5th in the ’10 and under’ category.

Stephanie Batke and Frankie Howe also earned bronze medals for their individual trampoline events.  Joshua Winger earned a silver medal on the double mini trampoline, very narrowly missing the gold.  Many had personal best performances, including Alyssa Bollefer qualifying for finals in double mini at her very first competition.  Other individual results:

Alyssa Bollefer, ’10 and under’:  9th double mini, 16th trampoline

Devyn Gale, 10 and under’:  12th double mini, 13th trampoline

Hannah Winger, ’10 and under’:  15th double mini, 12th trampoline

Isabella Mendonca, ’10 and under’:  20th double mini, 7th trampoline

Julia Dorrius, ‘C’:  18th double mini, 20th trampoline

Amanda Batke, ‘C’:  15th double mini, 16th trampoline

Willow Shewchuk, ‘C’: 24th trampoline

Chloe Suchovs, ‘B’:  8th double mini, 9th trampoline

Kayla Fenwick, ‘B’:  14th double mini, 7th trampoline

Jenna Bollefer, ‘B’: 7th double mini, 5th trampoline, 5th ‘D’ tumbling

Frankie Howe, ‘B’:  17th double mini, 3rd trampoline, 6th ‘C’ tumbling

Joshua Winger, ‘C’: 2nd double mini, 4th ‘B’ trampoline

Jordan Vandenberg-Clark, ‘B’:  9th double mini, 6th ‘A’ trampoline

Cheyenne Brule, ‘A’:  11th double mini, 13th trampoline

Stephanie Batke, ‘A’:  8th double mini, 3rd trampoline

Marissa Duncan, ‘A’:  13th double mini, 11th trampoline

In the team events, Revelstoke placed 4th in trampoline and 6th in double mini, out of all the clubs in the province.  For many athletes, this was the last competition of the year, although some will compete in the Western Canada Cup in Edmonton in May.  As the Acrobats finish off their season, closing May long weekend, they will be saying goodbye to their existing facility and packing up to move to the new elementary school come fall.

Here are some fantastic photos of our young Acrobats in action:

Joshua Winger works the trampoline. Darryn Shewchuk photo
Isabella Mendonca shows the judges how a double mini is performed. Darryn Shewchuk photo
Alyssa Bollefer performs a double mini for the judges in Kamloops. Darryn Shewchuk photo
Stephanie Batke and Marissa Duncan, perform in the gold medal synchronized trampoline routine. Darryn Shewchuk photo