The Mystery Yarn Bomber strikes again!

By David F. Rooney

The Mystery Yarn Bomber has struck again!

Sometime overnight she — or he (but I’m betting it’s a she) — gave the bears at Grizzly Plaza a makeover in colourful yarn to ensure they they put their best paws forward when they greeted the sun on Thursday morning.

“I was just going to work and there they were!” said an enthusiastic Tina Miertsch. “First someone did the lamp downtown, then the fish and now the bears.”

Tina, who works at Engineering and Public Works, snapped the pictures below — for which we thank her — and sent them to The Current at 7:52 am. They certainly made my day and I’m sure they’ll delight everyone else in town who sees them.

To learn more about yarn-bombing, check out John Devitt’s Higher Ground column from last week by clicking here. As a quick aside, Gnorm the Powder Gnome at RMR is also sporting some woollens although it is not known whether he was done by our Mystery Yard Bomber or by a copycat at the hill (You can Gnorm at

One last thing: I hope someone — perhaps from the City, the Arts Council or the Mystery Yarn Bomber her-or-himself — will maintain these great additions to our local landscape so they don’t simply deteriorate.

Dressed for the outdoors, Mama Bear and Baby Bear appear to have stepped out of a storybook after being yarn bombed overnight. Tina Miertsch photo
Papa Bear is no fashion boor either with his scarf, ear warmers and oh-so-fashionable wrist thingies. Tina Miertsch photo