Team Gloria’s 9th Annual Beach Party was THE place to be on Saturday

Team Gloria’s 9th Annual Beach Party brought a rainy Saturday night to life for hundreds of fun-sking Revelstokians and visitors.

Team Gloria members spent hours whipping the Community Centre into shape with fantastic decorations and a splendid tiki bar.

The Beach Party is one of the organization’s major fund-raisers in support of cancer research and cancer support groups.

Here are a few scenes from the party:

Team Gloria's annual Beach Party kicked off Saturday evening with leis for everyone. David F. Rooney photo
This shrine to cancer victims Glora Murray, Ruth Barry, Lorel Davis Ed Deverall, Peggy Gould and Nancy Archambault reminded party-goers that the Beach Party had a serious purpose beyond just having fun. Team Gloria works incessantly to raise money for cancer research and other related purposes. David F. Rooney photo
Time to unwind at the Beach Party! David F. Rooney photo
The tiki bar served up some fine stuff for partygoers. David F. Rooney photo
Charles Atlas flexes his muscles as Chris Deverall (left) and Mary Spencer (right) served up what their customers wanted. David F. Rooney photo
Mary, Carolyn Murray and Chris pose for the camera. David F. Rooney photo
Ginger Shoji sports some beachy headgear. David F. Rooney photo