Objective view of Bill 22 urged

I have embedded a link to Global News, a television / Vancouver outlet where they, the media, have collated the class sizes for every school in BC by name, grade, class size averages and percentage in excess of 10% over the magic number of 30 kids per class.  I would urge each editor and citizen to check out what an independent source has discovered.


Global Media, an independent news outlet relative to both the Teachers Fed, teachers union, and the BC Liberal government has put together these statistics which I feel every citizen of the Kootenays should look at, to consider and ponder the meaning of it’s implications towards the veracity of the Teachers Fed and the Teachers Union and by definition, the words coming out of our local teacher’s mouths in front of our kids.  A very long sentence to make a number of points, I know.

Please, folks in the Kootenays, look this over and view from an impartial source, and review what is really being said and not being said and how it is being said.  Really, editors, citizens, check this out and take a look at how good we have things here in the Kootenys and the entire “heartland.”

I for one am not impressed with one side of the Teachers vs Government side of the argument.  One side or the other seems to try to make a mole hill into a mountain range.

Then, really, let’s look at Bill 22 next and what it really means when doing our due dilegence in regards to this union / government dustup.

David R Pacey
Radium Hot Springs