Man, oh, man! You won’t believe what the feds put in the water!!!

John Devitt

As we all know, our population is rapidly aging.  That’s no secret but it’s funny how living does that to a body.  Jokes aside, as the baby boomer generation grows older, the population shift is causing massive upheaval in global economic and sociological systems.  Recently it was reported that the Harper government is preparing to reset the Canadian retirement age within its first budget as a majority government.

Potentially, this controversial decision will delay receipt of Old Age Security benefits until the age of 67.  This endeavour is designed to reposition the economy in the face of these monumental demographic changes.  As Canadians live longer, but exit the work force at the traditional retirement age, the draw on social services becomes even heavier.

Raised in the belief that retirement for them will likely be a pipedream, many of the Generation Y or “Millennial” cohort, are now watching Baby Boomers empty the CPP coffers.

Interesting new details are emerging about this issue. Did you know the decision by the Harper government was only the most overt move to adapt to these demographic changes?  Only a very few people know there have also been covert acts to deal with this looming crisis. A recent study commissioned by the Centres for Disease Control based in Atlanta, Georgia, has revealed some disturbing information.  The report released by Wikileaks and dated back to the mid-1990s details an intricate plot by the Canadian government to introduce a variety of supplements into rural water supplies in order to increase fertility in Canadian citizens.  The report explains how this will thereby increase the chances of conception, leading to more births, which will provide a long-term solution to this demographic change by introducing more into the workforce.

Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien first conceived this project. It has since been maintained by the Harper Conservatives.  Under these careful watchdogs, greatly increased levels of zinc and vitamin E have been released into rural water supplies.

Taken by both males and females, these seemingly harmless supplements increase fertility.  Stage two of the plan, and perhaps more disturbingly, details additional levels of estrogen and progesterone being introduced to the water supply at the turn of the millennium.  These hormones are meant to further increase fertility.  The only concern noted in the report is that augmenting these hormones in the general populace could “lead to a huge spike in metrosexuality and generate increased sales in the male scarf industry.”  Clearly the program designers were focused on only one outcome that of increasing the number of births in Canada no matter what the risk.

For years now the effects of this program have been easy to see.  In recent years, the Revelstoke birth rate has gone from 50 new births per calendar year, to close to 100.  This rate has been sustained for almost 4 years.  When looked through a lens at close inspection, as in the case of Revelstoke, it becomes clear that this secret government program is working to the desired outcome.

Outwardly, all seems normal. But serious questions abound. What are the repercussions of this program?  Apart from the inherent violation of our civil liberties, all levels of government have been in on the conspiracy since the beginning.  Locally, increasing the number of births provides solutions to a number of problems.  First, having a new baby often requires parents to set down roots in order to provide a stable environment in which to raise their child.  As populations increase, this generates greater tax revenues for the municipality.  More children develop needs for enhanced services, leading to the creation of more jobs in the social services sector.  Eventually these children will enter the work force, filling the jobs that have been vacated by the baby boomers, rejuvenating the economy.  When one connects the dots, it becomes clear that this positions Canada as a global economic superpower in as little as 20 years.  With a thriving economy, issues surrounding national defense and international trade soon disappear as our role in the world becomes increasingly strengthened.

One thing is certain: Wikileaks’ revelation of this highly sensitive document will no doubt create a veritable tsunami in the field of public opinion and will be hotly contested regarding civil liberties, government control and personal health.  Nevertheless, one must consider whether the ends justify the means.  Should we make this sacrifice now to ensure that our children have access to early retirement and a sound economy?

Look around. When you see the posse of strollers rolling down Mackenzie Avenue on their way to the market, if you find yourself wondering “Geez, is there something in the water?”  The answer is a resounding: YES!

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