Life-long learning adds verve to your existence

Are you a life-long learner? If you are, then Okanagan College's Megan Shandro wants to hear from you! David F. Rooney photo

March 24 – April 1 is International Adult Learners’ Week and Okanagan College’s Megan Shandro wants to know how many life-long learners there are in Revelstoke.

Shandro would “like to pose the question ‘What are you still learning?’ to people in our community.”

“There are so many opportunities to learn new things,” she said in an interview.

The things people strive to learn could be school-based or community-based. They can be  skills or knowledge they acquire on their own or with others.

If you regard yourself as a life-long learner send her an e-mail at Who knows? You might win a gift certificate fro Grizzly Books.