Farewell David Johnson

By David F. Rooney

Revelstokians bid farewell to David Johnson at St. Peter’s, the charming Anglican Church where he devoted part of his time working to strengthen its dwindling congregation.

Hundreds of people attended his funeral service, which was celebrated by Rev. Dan Meakes who encouraged mourners to remember and share stories about David’s life. “That’s when resurrection begins,” he said.

The best stories were shared with everyone by┬áMark Gaede, David’s brother-in-law. He described David as “an old-fashioned husband in (to his widow Edna Mae) in the very best way as the kind of husband and father who willingly made sacrifices for his family.”

David was a man who was, from an early age, enthusiastically interested in the world around. He used spreadsheets to  keep track of things that interested him and encouraged a love of learning and science in his students and others he knew.

David was deeply involved in the Revelstoke Heritage Railway Society, the Revelstoke Community Energy Corporation and the Anglican Church.

“He was always a real gentleman,” said Kurt Pont, who served on the society with David for a number of years.

He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him and by the organizations to which he offered his time, expertise and leadership.