The State of The Current

David F. Rooney

It has been quite some time since I have offered our regular readers an update on The Revelstoke Current and now, having passed a couple of landmarks, I think it’s time to let you know — if you’re interested — where it stands today.

Since The Current was established on July 1, 2009, I have published (as of today), 3,005 stories, 3,000 comments and 7,257 photos. Most of those photos and stories were written by yours truly but regular contributors Leslie Savage, John Devitt, Laura Stovel and Kerri Knapp have contributed hundreds columns, stories and photos since my first regular weekly contributor, Leslie Savage joined in 2010. Many thanks to them and to the clubs, societies, boys, girls and adults who have, since the outset, also sent in stories, comments, tips, Grins ‘n’ Gripes offerings and short stories. Your contributions help keep The Current a truly local community news site.

Numbers are important, too. And, boy, do we have some impressive numbers.

I remember looking at the numbers at the end of The Current’s first day of online publication, July 1, 2009, and feeling remarkably pleased that 112 people  had been to the site. By the end of that first week 566 individuals had paid 970 visits to The Current. And by July 31, 1,611 people had been there 40,050 times. I took that as a sign of things to come.

And so it proven to be. Since The Current was inaugurated 152,842 individuals have visited The Current 693,136 times. The vast majority of those visits (653,374) are from Canada. The top cities 424,966 of those visits are from Revelstoke (85,411 from RCTV) and Kamloops, 56,465 from Kelowna, 27,503 from Vancouver, 15,201 from Salmon Arm, 12,701 Calgary, 11,422 Edmonton, 9,003 Victoria, 7,383 Toronto and in 10th place is Nelson at 6,674 visits.

The top 10 countries — except Canada — are: the US with 20,219 visits, the UK at 2,926, New Zealand at 2,464, Australia with 1,527 visitors, Japan 986, Germany at 877, France 761, Switzerland at 706 and Belgium at 672. Looking at a Google Analytics map, there are only 19 countries on the planet where people have not looked at The Current.

Producing The Current each day is time consuming and tiring, but  for the most part I enjoy telling people about what is happening in our community. I hope you will continue to enjoy our offerings because we have some remarkable stories and series in store for you this year, including a new series about how our community is changing and what the ordinary people — not our social, political and business leaders — think about that.

Thanks for reading The Current.

Click here to see a PDF showing The Current’s global Google Analytics stats since July 1, 2009.

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