Sister Girl offers up a new album of extraordinary purity

Local band Sister Girl,will celebrate the release of their second album at The Big Eddy Pub on Thursday (February 9) starting at 8 pm. The album is an extraordinarily pure country album. Revelstoke Current cover scan

By David F. Rooney

Sister Girl is offering its fans a new country album of extraordinary purity and grace. Aptly entitled Amazing Things Happen, this 12-song CD is certain to please the band’s many, many fans.

Most — but not all — of the songs are written by Joanne Stacey and Sharlene Foisy with contributions from RSS music teacher Tessa Davis, former Revelstoke resident (and fondly recalled songstress) Abby Pond and Janine Carey-Bourke.

Country music often seems to suffer from bleak or silly caricatures: guys wailing about how they lost their wives or dogs. It’s a bad joke and one that certainly can’t be applied to Sister Girl, though at a first glance of the 12 titles on this album you think that’s what you’re going to get: Truck Driver’s Wife, That’s How I Roll, What’s Left of Me,  A Million Years, To Get Me Over You, Amazing Things Happen, Cuddle And a Kiss, Happiness, Tender Bruised-Up Heart, What’s Left of Me, The Letter and When Love Gets a Hold of You.

One of the things I especially enjoyed about his album is its uncomplicated optimism and joy. Yes, there is some melancholy embedded in these songs but your eventual encounter with the basic happiness and simple joy of living apparent in Sister Girl’s music ensures that what you feel inside you is not sorrow or grief but genuine human warmth.

You can experience that same gentle intimacy on Thursday (February 9) when Sister Girl holds their CD release party at The Big Eddy Pub starting at 8 pm. Admission is $10 — a small price to pay for the genuinely good feelings you will experience

The members of Sister Girl are: Joanne Stacey, Janine Carey-Bourke, Stephanie Ballendine, Sharlene Foisy and Russ Brackenbury. Listening to them is a great way to start your day.