School District 19 Superintendent Anne Cooper to retire next year

Superintendent Anne Cooper has advised the Revelstoke Board of Education of her intention to retire June 30, 2013.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Anne for the excellent work she has done as Superintendent for the Revelstoke Board of Education. Anne is recognized as one of the foremost educational leaders in the province. Our District has benefited from her dedication and commitment to students and her contributions have resulted in Revelstoke being regarded as a model for a successful district in our province.

Anne has demonstrated tremendous pride in Revelstoke students, staff and the community. I believe that her letter speaks for itself:

After considerable reflection, and with a poignant mixture of pride and humility I am offering this letter as my intention to retire effective June 30th, 2013.

I feel so fortunate to have been given an opportunity to serve Revelstoke’s children and youth for the past thirteen years. I am grateful for the many opportunities that my Superintendancy has afforded me. I believe Trustees, staff and parents know how very proud I am to be a part of such a dynamic and successful school system. Together, we have been guided by an unconditional commitment to children.

My fondest career memories reside in this school district. They include the official opening of Revelstoke Secondary School, the development of the first Neighbourhood Learning Centres in the province, the profound accomplishments in early learning with our partners, development of the first StrongStart Centre in the province, our successful community literacy planning, the achievements we have made to create and sustain safe, caring and orderly schools, and, at the heart of all of our success, the excellence we have obtained in reading.

Every visit to a school reinforces what truly wonderful students we have. Our administrative, teaching, and support staff have worked tirelessly to establish high expectations for our students and our students have responded. We set the bar high and our students leapt over it.

The work plan for 2012/2013 is extensive with significant tasks related to facilities, especially the completion of our capital project and closing our contract with Graham Design Builders a JV. Be assured that I will do my utmost to ensure that those tasks are brought to closure while facilitating a transition for a newly appointed Superintendent.

I close by saying it has been my sincerest pleasure to work with each and every one of you. I have enjoyed a good-natured working relationship with Trustees, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. I have tremendous respect for our administrators, teachers, parents and support staff and I thank them for

exemplifying graciousness and professionalism – qualities that define our district.

I am a most fortunate individual and a very grateful educator for the life I have established in Revelstoke and the school system I have been a part of.

Most respectfully,  

Anne Cooper,
Superintendent of Schools


The Board has engaged in discussions regarding options to replace the Superintendent. Discussions included identification of skills, personal qualities and experiences that would be desirable and would enable the district to build on its successes, ensuring that Revelstoke maintains its profile as a district focused on students, with strong collaborative relationships. After considerable deliberation, trustees felt that an internal succession plan should be explored.

Having completed a lengthy interview and presentation with trustees, the Board is pleased to advise that Mike Hooker has been selected as the next Superintendent for the Revelstoke School District.

Trustees noted that Mike has provided excellent leadership to the district for the past 15 years in his capacity as Principal of Arrow Heights Elementary and Revelstoke Secondary schools, and that his experience will allow the district to continue to enjoy high levels of student success, and sustain strong staff, parent and community relationships.

The recruitment process to replace Mike at Revelstoke Secondary School will begin immediately, with the goal of securing a talented candidate for August 2012. In addition, transition planning is underway to allow for a positive progression for both the Superintendent and the Revelstoke Secondary School Principal positions within the district.

Alan Chell,
Revelstoke Board of Education