Local Mounties: BB guns often look real — keep them under wraps

in the wake of a Saturday afternoon incident, Revelstoke RCMP are advising people to keep their realistic-looking BB guns “in an appropriate place, not out in the public view.”

Staff-Sgt. Jacquie Olsen said Monday that the detachment was called on Saturday afternoon at about 12:30 pm and told that a young man was seen to be showing what appeared to be a silver handgun to a group of four others. He then was observed to place this down the front of his pants. Police attended and secured all five individuals. Search of the young men showed a total of 3 BB replica handguns.

“Investigation showed that the young men were using the BB guns to shoot at one another,”Olsen said in a statement on Monday afternoon. “There

were no ill intentions on their part to the community or any one else.”

However, even from a short distance these guns appeared to be real.

“Police would like to caution any BB gun user that you keep these items in an appropriate place, not out in the public view,” Olsen said in a statement.