City tracking illegal vacation rental units

By David F. Rooney

Illegal suites. They’ve been an issue of concern in the Revelstoke for several year and the City is currently tracking 17 of them it hopes can be resolved in a relatively friendly way.

Planning Director John Guenther told Council he prefers voluntary compliance to municipal regulations regarding illegal suites, but will — when necessary — use reporting to outside agencies such as BC Assessment and Revenue Canada as leverage to force compliance.

There are, of course, more than 17 houses in town that contain illegal suites. In the past year the Planning and Bylaw Enforcement Department have tracked 30 such dwellings, Guenther said.

It’s not as though the City relying on informers who are dropping dimes on their neighbours. Guenther said City staff have become aware of the illegal rental suites because they track them through both print and online advertising sources.

The City is using a a series of steps, beginning with a letter and continuing through to an injunction and possible notification of provincial and federal agencies to force compliance.