What’s up at City Council next week

What’s up at City Council next week is a new and regular news brief intended to give Revelstokians a sneak peek at the City Council agenda.

Regular City Council meeting at 3 pm on Tuesday, January 24:

  • Social Development Coordinator Jill Zacharias outlines social development accomplishments to date;
  • Revenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw;
  • Services Agreement with the Chamber of Commerce;
  • First, Second and Third Reading of Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 2008;
  • Proposed OCP land-use amendments;
  • Announcement of the 2011 Heritage Award Winners;
  • RCMP Report;
  • Business License Summary;
  • Parks, Recreation & Culture Daily, Monthly and Yearly Transaction Summaries; and
  • Minutes of the Enhancment, Heritage, Finance, Economic Development, Parks, Recreation and Culture Meetings as well as minutes from the Community Housing Society.

Please click here to access the full agenda