Sabrina Gauthier tops at last weekend’s Slopestyle competition

Image courtesy of Somewon Collective

Sabrina Gauthier is proving her value to the BC Freestyle Team by winning the BC Snowboard Provincial Series Slopestyle competition at Big White last Saturday.

After two runs the the 18-year-old clinched the top spot in the Women’s Category with a score of 23.5, well ahead of her nearest rival, Jennifer Bernier of Meota, Sask., who scored 14.1 points.

An RSS graduate who is sponsored by the  Somewon Collective, Gauthier, lived and boarded Revelstoke until recently when she moved to Rossland in her final year of high school to continue her training. She was accepted onto the provincial freestyle team last month and moved to Whistler to train full-time with the team and its coach, Adam Higgins