Mexican fire forces Community Musical cancellation

By David F. Rooney

An earthquake and fire in Mexico last month sent months of hard work by the Revelstoke Theatre Society up in smoke forcing the production team to cancel this Year’s Community Musical.

“It is with great regret that we announce that we will be unable to produce The Sound of Music this winter or spring due to unforeseen problems,” said Martin Ralph, vice-chairman of the Revelstoke Theatre Society.

In a statement released late Monday night he said construction of the new community theatre at RSS “has been significantly delayed resulting in an inability to either meet the scheduled production dates or set new dates that would work for everyone’s schedule.”

He said the fabric intended for the theatre chairs was coming from Mexico but an earthquake and fire just before Christmas destroyed the fabric.

Lyn Kaulback, the society’s former chairwoman, said there is no way to reschedule the musical for this year.

“We can’t ask people to reschedule plans they have made,” she said.

Kaulback noted that this cancellation will be particularly difficult for many of the children who have spent months rehearsing for the musical because many of them will be to old for their parts next year.

She also said that there is no way to stage this production of The Sound of Music in the Community Centre because the stage is inadequate. Nor can Graham Construction, which was nearing completion of the Community Theatre simply substitute another kind of covering for the seats.

“The theatre chairs are tied to the ventilation system and acoustics,” Kaulback said.

Ralph said “a number of alternatives were explored including finding a different venue, later dates and postponement or cancellation.”

“At this time, the best option seems to be to announce the Sound of Music has been cancelled. Revelstoke Theatre Company Executive and Directors will be meeting immediately to prepare for the current season slate and consider the fall 2012/2013 season, he said.

“On behalf of Anita Hallewas (Sound of Music Director), myself (Production Stage Manager), Alan Chell (Producer), our incredible Directors and Production Team, and Revelstoke Theatre Company my deepest thanks for everything you have done to bring this show to life, and foster the spirit of community theatre and performing arts in Revelstoke. I am so proud of each and every one of you for your remarkable work and achievements and consider you great friends and theatre family,” he said.