Friday to mark “A Dark Day for Public Education in BC”

Local schools may look a tad, well, funereal on Friday.

Teachers are being encouraged to wear black in order to mark the 10-year anniversary of what the BC Teachers Federation is calling “A Dark Day for Public Education in BC.”

“Saturday, January 28 marks the 10th anniversary of our day of protest of Bills 27 and 28, and the 10-year memorial for the death of free collective bargaining for teachers in BC,” BCTF President Susan Lambert said in a statement.

“Bills 27 and 28 allowed government to strip freely negotiated class-size and composition provisions from teachers’ collective agreements and prevented such provisions from being negotiated in the future.”

Despite Bills 27 and 28 being ruled illegal and unconstitutional by the BC Supreme Court, the government has not repealed them and has refused to address the repercussions of the ruling.

“Let’s send government a message that a decade of cuts is already too much,” Lambert said.