Revelstoke was all over the Vanier Cup

If you watched the Vanier Cup on TV on November 25 you might have noticed these signs promoting Revelstoke. Photo courtesy of Brydon Roe

Jason Roe of Black Tie Properties has partnered with the Revelstoke Accommodation Association to promote the heck out Revelstoke!

Jason and his brother Brydon attend the Vanier Cup, the Canadian univerisity football finals, and the traditional Sunday Grey Cup every year no matter what city they happen to be in.

This year’s Vanier Cup was in Vancouver on November 25 and if you watched it on TV you may have noticed that Revelstoke signs were everywhere.

“During the game we had nine registrations for one of our property developments, Mountain Springs, which will soon be coming up for,” Brydon said in an e-m ail to The Current.  “The exposure was great and we are thrilled with the response this is great for getting people to know about Revelstoke and look us up to see what we are all about. We were very happy with the event and the potential for Revelstoke and thank RAA for their support.”

The signs were not exactly inconspicuous. Photo courtesy of Brydon Roe