In Pictures: dog sledding in Glacier National Park

By David F. Rooney

A Parks Canada re-creation of an 1885 mail run using dog sleds from Revelstoke Sled Dog Adventures proved to be a very popular event with local families who drove to Glacier National Park on Saturday to take part.

Scores of people made it to the Asulkan parking lot where they parked then were coaxed by the Friends of Mount Revelstoke & Glacier’s Rubyanne Meda into signing a commemorative postcard that was then stamped with special sled dog stamp. After a stiff 10-minute walk through the snow up to the bench above the parking lot they were met by Parks Canada’s Megan Long who had organized the event, one of the last this year to mark the 125th anniversary of Glacier and Yoho National Parks.

The dog sled rides were provided by Eric and Connie Marsden of Revelstoke Sled Dog Adventures.

“I was quite happy to do this when Parks contacted me,” he said. “This is good practice for the dogs.”

The dogs were visibly eager to get harnessed so they could pull the two sleds Marsden brought with him. They were also very friendly and inquisitive as you can see from the photos below:

Rubyanne Meda warms up at the fire in the Asulkan parking lot in Glacier National Park. David F. Rooney
This sled dog appears to be fantasizing about the moose meat he'll get if he runs hard. Rob Buchanan photo
Marcia Woods and Megan Long helped harness Eric Marsden's sled dogs. Rob Buchanan photo
Here's an artsy view of the sled dogs as seen through the side of a sled. Rob Buchanan photo
The dog sled rides offered in Glacier National Park last Saturday recreated the sled dog mail runs of 1885. Rob Buchanan photo
Two children get a close-up view of sled dogs in motion. That red dot in the background is photographer Rob Buchanan. David F. Rooney photo
A little motion blur makes these running dogs appear super-speedy. Rob Buchanan photo
Aidan Hill enjoys being in a sled with Megan Long poised on the sled's runners. Rob Buchanan photo
A sled races past the old Glacier House Foundations. Rob Buchanan photo


Curious, this dog noses right up to the lens. Rob Buchanan photo
Eric Marsden of Revelstoke Dog Sled Adventures poses with one of his dogs. Rob Buchanan photo


Call it the Press Sled: The Current's David Rooney and Parks Canada's Rob Buchanan had lots of lenses with them. John Woods photo
If you ever get to ride in one of Eric Marsden's sleds this is the view you'll see in front of you. David F. Rooney photo