In Pictures: a Christmas cooking class to remember

By BR Whalen

Sunday, December 4, at Saint Peter’s Anglican Church, Okanagan College’s ESL Settlement Assistance Program (ESLSAP) and Adult Volunteer Literacy Program participants and volunteer tutors cooked and ate a Holiday Turkey Meal together.  Leslie Savage, food editor at The Revelstoke Current and author of its Savage Delights column, created the menu, shopped and led the event as a cooking class.

For some of the immigrant participants, this was their first opportunity to cook a tradition holiday meal. The menu included Stuffed Roast Turkey with Mixed Herb Rub, Bread Stuffing with Sausage and Cranberries, Mushroom Wine Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Maple Glazed Carrots, Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Hazelnuts, Cranberry Sauce and Buche de Noel (Christmas Chocolate Log Roll).

In advance of the cooking class, ESLSAP participants studied the menu as a topic in class learning new vocabulary such as mince, simmer and giblets.  One lucky participant, Yuko Tanaka-Fujimura, won the door prize, a stuffed turkey prepared for the roasting. There were 14 cooks, and over 30 participants to eat the meal.

Leslie said that she plans to include these recipes in her Savage Delights articles before Christmas.

Here is a variety of photos from this great community event:

Revelstoke Current Food Editor and sometime Celebrity Chef Leslie Savage explains the ins and outs of creating a Yule Log at the English as a Second Language Settlement Assistance Program's special Christmas Cooking Class and Dinner at St. Peter's Anglican Church last weekend. BR Whalen photo
What's this? Oh! You stuff that in the turkey! BR Whalen photo
Satish Shonek experiences the joy of spud-peeling duty. BR Whalen photo
First we roll these little dough balls and then we... BR Whalen photo
Look at what I'm cooking! BR Whalen photo
Look, Cathy! We skinned the turkey! BR Whalen photo
I guess we were just supposed to loosen the turkey's skin... do you think anyone will notice these stitches? BR Whalen photo
Okay, so it looks like a Franken-turkey! It'll still taste good! BR Whalen photo
So that's what happens to the dough balls! BR Whalen photo
Mmmm — good! BR Whalen photo
Now that I've got 'em peeled I'm gonna squish 'em! BR Whalen photo
Lily and Patti enjoyed making little appetizers. BR Whalen photo
Patti carries the bird to its carving place. BR Whalen photo
Carving the bird... BR Whalen photo
Oh, goody! Goop! BR Whalen photo


The happy cooking crew. BR Whalen photo
And here's where all that food went! BR Whalen photo
And at the end... dessert! BR Whalen photo