In Pictures: the opening of the new Revelstoke Secondary School

By David F. Rooney

There was high praise for the staff and students of Revelstoke’s School District 19 from Education Minister George Abbott during the official opening of the new RSS building last Wednesday.

“You are second to none and I don’t say that to anyone,” he said, adding his belief that much of the district’s success is due to the dedication and vision of Superintendent Anne Cooper.

“It didn’t happen by accident. You have the finest superintendent in the province. Before you go, Anne (she will soon be retiring), we’re going to spirit you away and clone you at least 60 times.”

Abbott said that while it is worth celebrating the bricks and mortar that represent the new high school he has to acknowledge that the district’s success is truly due to they way its staff and community function as a team, inspiring spectacular results from the student body.

School Board Chairman Alan Chell acknowledged the truth of Abbott’s comments and said staff have “been guided by what is best for the community.”

The results of cooperation at the school and in the community’s many social levels have helped, said Mayor David Raven, propel Revelstoke into eighth place as a successful community.

For her part, Cooper had to work to control her emotions as she thanked all of the district staff, the board and the Ministry of Education for “this splendid school (that) will serve our community well for years to come.”

Later that afternoon, district staff as well as representatives from Graham Construction and Dialog Architects guided residents on a classroom-by-classroom tour of the facility.

Here are a few photos of the day’s events:

Supervisor of Aboriginal Student Services Lynne Barisoff communicates the best wishes of the aboriginal community to the staff and students Revelstoke Secondary School on the opening of the new school last Wednesday. David F. Rooney photo
Education Minister George Abbott applauds all of the people — both staff and students — who have made School District 19 "second to none" in the province. David F. Rooney
School Board Chairman Alan Chell applauds Superintendent Anne Cooper whose vision and hard work has helped propel the district to the pinnacle of success in BC. David F. Rooney photo
Mayor David Raven speaks to the crowd that attended the opening of Revelstoke Secondary School on Wednesday. The success of School District 19 is reflected, he said, by BC Statistics assessment that Revelstoke is the eighth most successful community in the province. David F. Rooney photo
RSS Student Leadership Council members Florina Beglinger and Jacob Wallach told the assembled crowd that they and other students were very excited by the new school. They were committed, they said, to being worthy of the community's trust and confidence in the student body. David F. Rooney photo
SD 19 Superintendent gets a warm hug from RSS Principal Mike Hooker as she approaches the podium. The opening of the new school was a touching and emotional moment for Cooper, whose leadership not only resulted in the construction of two new schools for the city, but the phenomenal success of the district in British Columbia. David F. Rooney photo
Mayor David Raven, Superintendent Anne Cooper, Education Minister George Abbott and School Board Chairman Alan Chell pose with a giant set of scissors as they prepare to cut the ribbon to officially open the new RSS building on Wednesday. That's Alan's wife, Linda, recording the moment for posterity with her camera in the background. David F. Rooney photo


Current school trustees Mauro Morrone, Annie Wilson, Geoff Nicholson, Doug Hamilton and Alan Chell pose with Superintendent Anne Cooper (second fro the left) and District Principal Earl Woodhurst pose for Linda Chell's camera. David F. Rooney photo
Local residents eager to tour the new school grab snacks as they wait for their guides during the RSS open house on Wednesday. David F. Rooney photo
Superintendent Anne Cooper (center) talks with a small group of people she was guiding through the school late Wednesday afternoon. David F. Rooney photo
School Board Chairman Alan Chell was quite eloquent in his praise for the new theatre at RSS. Although it is still under construction it will be officially opened in February. David F. Rooney photo