A fresh new website for Community Connections

Community Connections has a new website that provides users with better organization, easier navigation and much more content than its pervious incarnations. Designed by the talented Tennille Barber of Revelstoke Computer Wiz, the site includes up-to-date information on local, regional, provincial and national developments in the realm of social development as well as current organizational information. "I like keeping things simple," said the Alberta-born web designer. "I don't like over-complicating things — that drivers users off the site." The site incorporates some of Shannon Broza's terrific art work as seasonal banners that Barber said will keep the site "looking fresh and current." The relative newcomer to Revelstoke as established her own web design business with assistance from the Community Futures Development Corporation's Roberta Ciolli, whom she describes as "a fabulous mentor." Click on the image to go directly to the website and explore it yourself or contact Barber by e-mail at revelstokecomputerwiz@gmail.com. Revelstoke Current screen shot