Stoke FM gets its licence!

By David F. Rooney

The application by the Stoke FM Radio Society to start the city’s first community radio station has been approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

“For the last month I’ve been waking up every day wondering if today was the day; it’s been really nerve-wracking,” said station proponent Scott Duke after he learned of the approval. “We’ve got a lot of work still ahead of us. We’re still targeting the end of November for our first broadcast.”

The CRTC issued its approval (click here to read the formal approval) on Wednesday morning. The document permits the society to broadcast a low-power signal at 92.5 MHz on the FM band. The station will, according to the CRTC:

  • broadcast 126 hours of programming, including one hour of French-language programming, each week;
  • its spoken word programming will include local news, educational programs, tourist information, programs featuring local artists, local politics and a program featuring local aboriginal artists;
  • Stoke FM’s musical programming will include music by musicians from the province of British Columbia; and
  • the radio station’s Canadian content will be diverse and inclusive, featuring the art and culture of all the local communities, including people with disabilities, in either musical or spoken-word programs.
This  licence is valid until August 31, 2016.
The station is looking for donations of good CDs in good condition as well as sponsors and volunteers for its proposed programs. You can check out a mockup of the station’s website at If you’d like to sponsor a program or volunteer your time in some way please contact Duke via e-mail at, or by phone or text at 250-814-7062. Advertising inquiries should go to