Revelstoke Business Complex opens

By David F. Rooney

Lauded by Mayor David Raven as a marvellous addition to the city, the Revelstoke Business Complex was opened to the public on Friday.

The complex, built by Ross and Phyllis Lang in the Industrial Park, features 10 bays ideal for small businesses or for someone in need of major storage space.

Three of the spaces have already been sold — one to Bear Canyon Cabinetry, a second to Revelstoke Garage and a third to a private individual.

“This took a lot of blood sweat and tears to bring to life,” Phyllis said at the opening. “We have very high hopes for it.”

And well she should, Mayor David Raven told the crowd of about 40 people who attended the complex’s opening that small businesses in Revelstoke now have a broader choice of places to operate from.

Michelle Nagy of Bear Canyon, which used to rent space on Victoria Road,  agreed saying the complex has given her family’s business “the opportunity to own our own business space.”

Here are a few photos from the opening:

Phyllis Lang (center) talks with Councillor Steve Bender and his wife, Adelheid, who is the interim executive director of the Chamber of Commerce at the opening of the Revelstoke Business Complex. David F. Rooney photo
About 40 people attended the grand opening of the Langs' Revelstoke Business Complex in the Industrial Park on Friday. David F. Rooney photo
Accompanied by Ross and Phyllis Lang, Mayor David Raven speaks to the crowd at the RBC's opening. David F. Rooney photo
Mayor Raven applauds as Phyllis Lang cuts the ribbon at the opening. David F. Rooney photo