Macdonald doesn’t understand tax facts: BC Liberal

Mark Twain wrote that “When in doubt tell the truth” and from Norm Macdonald’s September 17, 2011 tax system article published in The Revelstoke Current it would seem he has no understanding of the “tax facts” achieved by the BC Liberals in this province and furthermore demonstrates a disturbing and growing trend to omit the truth in his rhetoric.

Since forming government, the BC Liberal Policy has been clear.  We believe in putting money where it belongs-back in people’s pockets and to this end we have achieved undisputable success. As a result of our tax cuts, over 325,000 low income British Columbians now pay no provincial income tax while other low income earners have seen reductions of more than 70%.  British Columbians now have the lowest income tax burden in Canada for everyone earning up to $118,000 which means that for a family of four earning $30,000 a year they receive nearly $1000 a year in savings.  The BC Liberal Low Income Action Credit provides British Columbian families earning up to $35,000 or less with an annual payment of $105 per adult and $31.50 per child annually. We created the Rental Assistance Program providing low working families with children whose combined income is less than $35,000 assistance with their rent.  We increased the Home Owners Grant by $100 and eliminated the threshold for low-income seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities. We have reduced MSP premiums for 180,000 people, while Fair Pharmacare resulted in 300,00 people paying less in drug costs that they did in 2001. The Healthy Kids Program provides $700 per child, per year for additional dental care on top of MSP Premium Assistance. We’ve provided enhancements to programs such as child care subsidy, where a single parent of two kids under age 6 earning up to $38,000 a year have seen their annual child care subsidy double to over $14,200 a year, representing almost a $7000 increase. Under Premier Clarks Family First agenda British Columbians will see even more programs focussed on strengthening our provinces economy and providing for our families.

For the record Norm, the intent of the revised HST plan that was proposed by Premier Clark would have seen a 2% decrease in taxes to British Columbians and a 2% increase in taxes to BC corporations; far from the  “class struggle” you and your party would like people to believe. In addition, let us not forget that under the BC Liberals our province still maintains its AAA credit rating and a low debt compared to the $3.8 billion structural deficit we inherited from the NDP.

People throughout the riding are telling me that they grow very tired of the current MLA telling them what the BC Liberals have not done and the deliberate omissions in his statements.  What they do want to know, is there actually a measurable achievement that Norm Macdonald and the NDP can take credit for in the last six years in this riding? Truthful answer, I am unable to find one for them.

Doug Clovechok
Fairmont, BC