In Pictures: Halloween costumes around town

By David F. Rooney

Halloween always seems to trigger the “dress-up syndrome” around town with plenty of adults getting into the festival spirit by dressing up for the day, and this year was no exception.

Here are a few of the costumes grown-ups wore to work on Monday as well as a couple worn by kids to a weekend hockey game.

William and Thomas MacDonald took the prize at the Grizzly game on Saturday night for best children’s costumes—the prize (lucky guys) was a gift certificate for each from Legends and Heroes. Leslie Savage photo


So who is that behind the nose? Leslie Savage photo
Steven Hui (center, back) poses with some of the well-dressed staff at Pharmasave Halloween afternoon. David F. Rooney photo
Jill Casson and Georgina Bellows wore the perfect Halloween costumes at ANimal House. David F. Rooney photo


Stick 'em up! Kristin Morrow gets the drop on a photographer at Coopers. David F. Rooney photo
This isn't something you see every day at Coopers — a spider hanging on Cindy's back! David F. Rooney photo
Debbie Ife hands out some spooky change at Coopers. David F. Rooney photo
Lindsay Kusy, Patty Swenson and Carol Vigue were the bewitching crew at People's Drug Mart. David F. Rooney photo
Janet Pearson has this sorceress thing going for her at Talisman... oh! Did you find your wand, Sorcery Girl? David F. Rooney photo
Alexa Zarr and Karen Howard were ready to either shoot you or cast a spell on you at Conversations. David F. Rooney photo
Beatrice Adjourey proved to be a beguiling Egyptian empress at CIBC. Adjourey
Ahoy, matey! Cheri Marshall and Maggie Davis were the perfect pirate girls while Steve Smith was... well, just being Steve at the Last Drop. David F. Rooney photo
This railway-specific costume apparently caused gales of laughter throughout Columbia Park! Shannon Moorhead photo
Parks Canada’s staff had a lot of fun on Halloween. According to Jacolyn Daniluck, "the External Relations Team were all dressed as "ER" staff, other staff were fairy princesses, witches, persons with beaver injuries, a cowgirl, Scotsman, gypsy, pirate, owl, Ranger, and a "Miss Read" (Catherine had pages of text attached to her skirt), also Marie Claude featured an ultrasound image of her baby on her tummy. And of course Boomer, our former beaver mascot and Parka our new beaver mascot." Photo courtesy of Parks Canada