Hello from the Cardiac Care Unit in Kelowna!

By David F. Rooney

If you’ve been visiting The Current for the last week or so and wondered why there were fewer-than-usual posts, here’s a news flash: I am in the Cardiac Care Unit at Kelowna General Hospital.

It turns out I may have what’s called a floppy heart. The valves inside by heart are not working properly and I am very weak. I went to QVH for tests on Friday. They were repeated on Saturday and an appointment was made for me to see the cardiology team at KGH on Thursday. However I was so ill by Tuesday I was taken to QVH and then transferred by ambulance on Wednesday.

I have since had a number of tests and expect more before they decide on a course of treatment.

Whatever they do I hope it works fast. Even typing these few words sucks the life out of me.
But that will eventually pass. In the meantime, newcomer Keri Knapp will be at a number of events taking pictures and producing if short stories for The Current. But Keri has only been here since January and doesn’t know our community yet.

I know more than a few people will be happy to send me pictures and short stories about what’s going on and I’ll be happy to publish them. You can send them to drooney1@telus.net

Thanks for helping out!