GASP! Kids make major connections through volunteers

All revved up and ready to go. Kerri Knapp photo

By Keri Knapp

The Community Connections van pulled up promptly at 3pm on Friday afternoon to gather students from Revelstoke Secondary School to take part in a new stewardship program initiative formed by The Friends of Glacier National Park, Community Connections, Parks Canada and Revelstoke Secondary School.

After a quick photo op the kids were off on a two-day adventure to the Wheeler Hut in Rogers Pass. The program was organized to help kids break down barriers and get access to the things they want to do says Alice Weber. Transportation, food, accommodation and education is provided over the two-day stay at the hut. In exchange for the opportunity, the students will choose a day within a three-four week period following the programs completion to give back by volunteering in the community. In advance the students were given a survey and asked to choose from a list of activities. This year’s group chose climbing, photography and music. The partners the assembled a course plan along with local. Climbing expert Dave Scott from Alpine Adventures met the kids at the hut with gear to teach them to climb. Photographers Bruno Long and John Morrison will spend time teaching the students photography and musician Matthew Potter will teach the students music.

Cell phone’s and other technology (camera’s aside) where not permitted on the trip. Zuzana, Sheena, Alice and Cynthia walked the student through a packing checklist and provided after school snacks for the journey. Check out a few fun images we captured before they departed!