A food drive to end all food drives

With scores of volunteers of all ages, this week’s Emergency Services Food Drive was a huge success.

Volunteers scoured city neighbourhoods for donations, which were loaded into fire, police, BCAS and Parks Canada vehicles and taken to the RCMP detachment for storage.

The Current’s Keri Knapp went out with the volunteers Wednesday evening and captured these images:


Volunteers with partners from Community Connections, RCMP, Fire Rescue Service, BC Ambulance Service and Parks Canada pose for a massive group photo before heading out on a massive food drive for the Community Connections Fod Bank. Keri Knapp photo
Even this Firer Rescue Service Museum piece was pressed into service for the food drive! Keri Knapp photo
Julia, Kay, Jayke, Franka and Kay pose for a photo before heading out to collect for the food bank. Keri Knapp photo
Raine Carnegie juggles an offering. Raine was instrumental in helping organize the dozens of youths who participated in the food drive. Keri Knapp photo
Kent Hendrickson of the Grizzlies tries on a firefighters hat. Team members were a big help. Keri Knapp photo
Blair Muldoon and Liz Ploeg load the car with their collections. Keri Knapp photo
Stephanie Ells of the Revelstoke Woman's Roller Derby was certainly dressed for speedy food collections. Keri Knapp photo
Noah Page helps carry bags of donations from the truck. Keri Knapp photo
Community Volunteers sort through bags collected for the Emergency Services Food Drive. Keri Knapp photo
Community Connections Food Bank Coordinator Patti Larson and RCMP Staff Sgt. Jacquie Olson confer near the conclusion of the food drive. Keri Knapp photo