Two coyotes nailed, perhaps more to come before snares are removed next weekend

By David F. Rooney

Two coyotes — a male and a female — have so far been caught in the snares laid on private property adjacent to the Saddle Club, says Conservation Officer Adam Christie.

Both animals have been destroyed and although two dogs have also been caught in the traps “despite signs warning owners not to allow dogs in the area posted on every access trail I was able to find,” neither was harmed significantly, he said Tuesday.

“I intend to continue trapping this week in hopes of removing more coyotes but will likely remove the traps before the coming weekend,” Christie said.

He said he would announce their removal in The Current.

Christie laid the traps in the wake of the July 21 attack by a large female coyote on Angie Threatful and her dog, Wrinkles. Threatful suffered bites requiring several stitches to the calf of her right leg. Wrinkles suffered serious injuries. He is recovering. This was the second attack on Wrinkles this year. In January he was badly beaten up by two coyotes when he was just a few feet from Threatful. She beat off those animals — as she did in this latest attack.

Coyotes have been blamed for the disappearance of many small pets — both cats and dogs — in the city over the last couple of years.

Their boldness has increased to the point where they obviously have no fear of humans. Ideally, Christie’s cull will have some effect — at least on the pack that has been marauding through Southside and Arrow Heights.