To our community: thank you, on behalf of Stacey Thur and her family

On behalf of Stacey Thur and her family, I would like to thank the many, many people who showed kindness and compassion during the recent loss of Daniel.  Thank you to Gary and Chrissie Sulz, Pastor Matthew Carter and the entire Alliance Church family, Stacey’s brothers and sisters from TCRC Local 657, Paul Carter, Nel Lord at Mountain Divas Landscaping, Coopers, The Modern Bakery, Rusty Berarducci, Chantal and Norm at The Hillcrest, Malcolm and Debbie at Universal Footwear, Steven and Diane at Style Trend, Brian and Donna at Tim Horton’s, Marielle Brensrud at Zala’s and the Revelstoke Karate Club.

There are so many more people who have shown love and caring through cards, flowers, gifts, food, hugs and kind words. It is impossible to name you all but your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

The entire community of Revelstoke has shown amazing support throughout this very difficult time.  I also want to thank those who are donating to the Thur Family Trust Fund at the Credit Union. Your generous gifts are assisting Stacey and her family to have one less thing to worry about as they continue to grieve the loss of Daniel.

Thank you so very much!

Britt Hunchak