The mystery moth… do you know what this is?

Shawn Filipchuk and her family recently returned home from vacation and her daughter Karsyn found a “really neat-looking” moth clinging to the screen in one of their windows.

“Any ideas what it could be, or do you know someone who would know?” she asked in an e-mail to The Current.  “I can’t find anything!

We certainly don’t know but perhaps one of our local entomologists or lepidopterists will know. Here are two views of the critter:

Here's a view of the back of Shawn Filipchuk's mystery moth. If any budding entomologists or lepidopterists know what it is please contact Shawn. Photo courtesy of Sawn Filipchuk
This is a view of the underside of the moth that puzzled Shawn Filipchuk. Photo courtesy of Shawn Filipchuk