Rebranding the CBT…

By David F. Rooney

Rebranding… it’s the kind of exercise every corporate entity periodically considers when it examines what it does and how it relates to the people who use its services and the Columbia Basin Trust is no different.

The agency, which uses its pool of legacy money from the flooding of the Columbia River Valley to better the lives of Basin residents, is currently seeking the services of an agency or contractor that can deliver not just a new logo and tag line (that’s the statement under the logo that reads “a legacy for the people”), but new creative identifiers for its programs and initiatives. The CBT is also interested in new social media campaign strategies, possible changes to its website and other possible components of a rebranding exercise.

“We want to be sure our brand is where we want it to be,” Andrea Wilkey, the CBT’s acting communications manager said Wednesday.

Click here to read the full Request for Proposals.

The deadline for applications is September 23.