Murder charge recommended in Daniel Levesque’s death

By David F. Rooney

Police in Victoria have recommended a charge of murder against Joshua Tyler Bredo, the 26-year-old suspect in the death of Daniel Levesque.

Const. Mike Russell, the Victoria Police Department spokesman, said Monday the charge was recommended to the Crown attorney’s office. It will be up to the Crown to decide whether to proceed with a first- or second-degree murder charge. First-degree murder means the killing was planned and deliberate. A second-degree murder charge means the killing was not premeditated and may have been spur of the moment.

Russell said the death of the 20-year-old Revelstoke native is still under investigation and Bredo has been remanded in custody until a court appearance on August 18.

He could shed no light on the motive behind the killing and said that while Bredo was known to police in other jursidictions “he was not known to police here (in Victoria).” What that means is that he had not come under previous investigation in that city.

Newspaper reports from Victoria allege that Bredo had a number of aliases and had a seamy history.