Girls just wanna have fun!

Somedays you just never know what's going to go zipping past you on our downtown streets. When I first saw these pretty young ladies near the Powder Springs Inn I thought they were a mirage or a hallucination. As I snapped a picture of them whizzing past I shouted, "Where are you off to?" "Big Eddy Pub," they laughed and kept on going. Intrigued, I hopped in my trusty SUV and beat them to the pub. "We're just having fun," they said. And that they certainly were. Cathy Dewaal on the left is the bare-back rider, Tamarin Martin is the lion tamer with the flaming hoop for her beast to leap through and Kim Remesz is dressed for a fantasy bubble bath. Girls just wanna have fun, eh? Sounds like a Cindy Lauper song to me, ladies! I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I certainly enjoyed witnessing your little escape. David F. Rooney photo