A pilgrimage to celebrate the summit

Editor’s Note:

Keri Knapp, a new resident in our lovely little mountain town participated in last weekend’s Pilgrimage to Eva Lake and produced a number of lovely photos of the event, 26 of which are reproduced here. Keri wants to establish a photography studio in Revelstoke and you can see other samples of her work at her website, www.revelstokephoto.com.

We certainly enjoyed her work and we hope you will too:

The annual Pilgrimage to Eva Lake got underway on Sunday with a score of avid hikers eager to see the alpine. Keri Knapp photo
There was plenty of spectacular scenery along the 14-kilometre route, but some of it was not of jagged peaks, but the trees and landscape along the way. Keri Knapp photo
This looks like something you'd want in your garden, but this beautifully lit Indian hellebore or Corn Lily is very poisionous. Keri Knapp photo
Lupins, usually among the earliest bloomers each season, got a very late start due to the late lingering of the winter snows. The best flowers may actually not be seen until the end of the month. Keri Knapp photo
Bursts of blue and yellow from Mountain Arnica and Lupins lined the trail. Alas! No Monkey Flowers were yet evident. Keri Knapp photo
Have you visited the alpine zone this summer? If not, don't wait too long — the snows will be back before you know it and blooms like this Sitka Valerian will be long gone. Keri Knapp photo
Duck and shoot! Keri Knapp photo
Burned out, this stump may provide a home to birds or squirrels or a hive for the ants that bears enjoy. Keri Knapp photo
Glorious Indian Paintbrush glows like embers in the grass. Keri Knapp photo


Parks staff member Jeff Bollingbroke accompanies us on the hike to take video and still footage for parks canada he is always looking for a unique perspective. Keri Knapp photo


Guide Michelle Cole tells the pilgrims they will be soon entering areas of the path that weave through rockslides that have occured over the past few hundred years They can be seen to the right as the path weaves through the valley. Keri Knapp photo
Looking up from rockslide rubble. The slide consists of metamorphic rock from the Selkirks. Keri Knapp photo
First view of Eva Lake. It's no wonder there's an annual pilgrimage. Keri Knapp photo
This year's pilgrims pose for a photo. Keri Knapp photo
Reflections of Eva Lake. Keri Knapp photo
This really is a stunning view. Snow can still be seen on a few peaks along the waters edge. Keri Knapp photo
Jean-Marc Laflamme finds a hidden path through a marsh area on the opposite side of the lake. Keri Knapp photo
The walls of the cabin at Eva Lake are decorated with carved names and messages from past hikers. Keri Knapp photo
The log book at the cabin also chronicles the hikers of yesteryear. Keri Knapp photo
Hiker Paolo Holzer of Revelstoke takes a closer look at the decades-old lichen. Keri Knapp photo
The lichen that live on the metamorphic rocks that line the pathway of the hike take years to grow. This patch will likely be well over 50 years old. Keri Knapp photo
Rivulets like this one run off from the glaciers and flow beneath tiny bridges along our path. Keri Knapp photo
Parks Canada Guide Michelle Cole tells Loretta Schnepper from Sherwood P, Alta., about wildflowers along the path. Keri Knapp photo
Hikers follow the path through a slide path. Keri Knapp photo
rprised to see friends, Maggie and Shannon entertain hikers upon their return. Keri Knapp photo
And the pilgrims' reward? A lovely — and scrumptious — chocolate cake from The Modern. Keri Knapp photo