Stolen… and found!

Every year there’s some schmuck wandering our city streets who has absolutely no problem stealing toys from children. This year the prize for Conscienceless Goof of the Year goes to the person who stole a Finnish-made bicycle a family friend gave young Karsyn Powell. “A friend gave the bike to her (it was brought over from Finland ages ago and that made Karsyn sad, thinking of the friend who gave it to her,” says her mother Shawn Filipchuk.“It was the one she first learned to ride on two wheels went on rides with Daddy. She did cry (I think she feels bad because it was a gift and it’s gone) but did take it fairly well, considering. She really wanted to show her cousins that she learned to ride a bike since they were here last. She’s just worried about other stuff going missing now. It was in the back yard, someone had to look for it to get it, or be really stupid drunk down the back alley or something. To us, it’s not the end of the world. To her, it’s pretty sad.” But all that changed on Sunday morning when Darrell Goodman, who lives just a block away from the Powells on Front Street. “I was walking the dogs down a back alley when I saw the bike I had read about on The Current,” he said when he called The Current to find out where Karsyn and her family lived. Goodman phoned them a few minutes later, then dropped the bike off with Karsyn and her parents and put a shy smile on the young girl’s face. David F. Rooney photo