Singin’ in the rain

Sunday evening’s hail storm and shower delighted lots of children throughout the city providing them with something we don’t see a lot of in summer — white stuff falling from the sky.

There will be more rain throughout the week but the long-range forecast is for sunny skies beginning on Saturday and continuing until at least early August. It’s about time. We may all be a little sick of the rain, but it’s nice to know our children can find some innocent pleasure in it as the following photos clearly show:

The hail storm on Sunday evening proved to be irresistible to Niinoi and Tettey Tetteh and their cousin Emma Nip. They splashed in the puddles and gathered handfuls of the pea- and marble-sized pellets after a family dinner at the home of their grandparents, Bud and Marg Stovel. Laura Stovel photo


Some of the pea-sized hail that fell on Sunday evening. Laura Stovel photo
The children's delight was so infectious that the boys' mother, Krista Stovel, joined them in celebrating the cloudburst. Laura Stovel photo