Repair work begins for Meadows in the Sky Parkway

Mount Revelstoke National Park is working quickly to repair an area of slope instability and, within the next few weeks, open the Meadows in the Sky Parkway, says Parks Canada spokeswoman Jacoyln Daniluck. “Following expert geotechnical and engineering assessments, preparation work for construction began July 6 and the actual road realignment has begun,” she said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. “We are working towards opening the road to visitors by the end of July. In the meantime, full closure to vehicles remains in effect at Kilometre 15 to ensure public and staff safety. Foot access remains open via the Summit Trail. Based on engineers' recommendations, the gabion wall has been chosen as the preferred solution for supporting the unstable area. Due to heavy snowpack and colder weather, the summit area of Mount Revelstoke is still snowbound; however, it is hoped that the summit will be snow free by the time the road re-opens.” The Parkway has been closed from Kilometre 15 to the summit since heavy spring runoff damaged the road. Photo courtesy of Parks Canada