In Pictures: Day 2 of the 24th Annual Revelstoke Glacier Challenge

By David F. Rooney

You could see the changes this weekend in the way the Glacier Challenge has evolved over the years.

Not that long ago teams often wore outrageous costumes, there were (non-ball) games in the Beer Garden Area, lots of off-duty players in the beer garden through the afternoon and evening, music all day and much more. But times have changed.

This Saturday the Beer Garden didn’t open until 3 pm, there were no weird outfits, no squirt gun fights, no dunk tank or other games and very few people in the Beer Garden in the later afternoon. It was not hard to see why, most players retired to their private camps after their games and remained there throughout the evening.

Oh, they were partying all right. They just weren’t partying in the Beer Garden.

This may mark a kind of maturation for the Revelstoke Glacier Challenge and then, again, it could change completely next year. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the second day of the Glacier Challenge:

A player slams the ball during the match between the Salmon Arm Beauties and the River Valley Semi Pros from North Battlefield. David F. Rooney photo
Calgary's Superheroes in Training and Lucki's Exercise Equipment from Kamloops played hard at Sun Field on Saturday. David F. Rooney photo
Revelstoke's Top Guts and Langley's Mariners demonstrate the spirit of sportsmanship at the end of their Saturday morning game at Queen Elizabeth Park. David F. Rooney photo


Ballplayers investigate the possibility of cooling off at the Centennial Park boat launch. David F. Rooney photo
Most of the post-game partying was in the private encampments at Centenial Park. David F. Rooney photo
The beer garden saw fewer day-time patrons and zero activities this year. David F. Rooney photo
There have been far fewer people enjoying the beer garden during the late afternoon. David F. Rooney photo


With the vanishing of the last light, people start arriving for a few beers and the nights entertainment — the Vancouver band, Redgy Blackout. David F. Rooney
This is a real sign of change at the Glacier Challenge. In years past this enclosure would have been half-full — or more — by the end of the second day. In the last few years, there has been less alcohol consumed in the beer garden. David F. Rooney photo
Redgy Blackout performs on Saturday night. David F. Rooney photo