Got some really BIG jobs that need doing? Then you should bid on these guys’ services

By David F. Rooney

Do you have some really, really BIG jobs that need doing? The kind of jobs that would take 20 physically fit, hard-working men and women a day to accomplish?

If you do then you really should consider bidding on the services of the Monashee Fire Crew as it launches its Fifth Annual Firefighters’ Hard Labour Auction.

“Last year it was Annette and Dwayne Anderson who had the top bid,” says the Monashee Fire Crew’s Erik Hanson. “We bucked and stacked an entuire logging truck of wood for them, fixed and struck fencing and cleaned and painted their barn — all in about eight hours.”

He said money raised during this silent auction will be donated to Live It! Love It!, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with spinal injuries participate in sports. Live it! Love it! founder Jeff Scott has been a member of the crew since 2005 and sustained a spinal cord injury while snowboarding last spring.

This wildfire crew is holding a two-week community auction. The crew, composed of twenty hardworking firefighters, will be auctioned off for a full eight-hour day. From building a shed, to cleaning your house, this fit and motivated crew of twenty is willing to do just about anything to help people in with spinal injuries get active again.

Hanson said an auction board has been set up at the Home Hardware at 201 Campbell Avenue. The auction will close on Friday July 15 at 5 pm. The winner will be contacted by July 15th and the details for the labour detail will be arranged.

This project is now a fundraising tradition for the wildfire crew. In years past years they have raised over $25,000 for organizations such as The Rick Hansen Foundation and the B.C. Children’s Hospital.

“We believe in contributing something back to our community,” Hanson said.

For more information, to offer donations, or to place bids by phone, please contact Monashee Crew Leader Erik Hanson b y phone at 250-837-7182 or 250-814-9719 or, alternatively, by e-mail at

So can they really do what they say they can do? Check out the photos below:

Got a big job — maybe a whole bunch of them — that needs doing? If you do, you should consider bidding for the services of the Monashee Fire Crew, shown here doing some of the many jobs Dwayne and Annette Anderson needed doing last year. Erik Hanson photo


Monashee Fire Crew members bucked and stacked a logging truck load of wood, repaired fences and painted a barn in a day of hard labour for the Andersons. They could do it for you, too! Erik Hanson photo


Monashee Fire Crew members paint a barn — one of the many big jobs they tackled last year. Erik Hanson photo


As if bucking wood and painting a barn wasn't enough, Monashee Fire Crew members worked on a fence line, too. Erik Hanson photo