Don’t miss this month’s exhibitions at the Visual Arts Centre

By David F. Rooney

The three shows that opened Friday at the Visual Arts Centre are by turns, bold, whimsical and deeply satisfying explorations that should delight local art patrons.

They are also deeply satisfying for the artists concerned.

Calgary potter Darlene Swan talks about her work as a potter over the last 30 years. Her bright, glazed work, brought together in a show called Bowls of Life, is definitely worth viewing. David F. Rooney photo

“This is my very first show,” said an excited Darlene Swan, the Calgary potter whose exhibition, Bowls of Life, features a lovely and amusing collection of glazed bowls, pots, chalices and vases.

Swan’s son, Joe Vosburgh, lives here and it is therefore no surprise that she would choose to hold her first solo show here.

Swan’s work is simply delightful and immediately struck a chord with local patrons who snapped up many of her works within hours of the exhibition’s opening.

Local painter Keisha Treber’s solo show, Muse, occupies the entire main gallery at The Centre and features several large bold paintings that focus on the female form. Most of her works are bright, sensual and suggestive, but she also is showing some very new and much more abstract works painted on glass that are definitely intriguing.

Paul Cravens show, Figuratively Speaking, is a broad and bright collection of portraits that should

Local painter Keisha Treber (center, left) talks with fans of her work. Her show, Muse, is spectacular. David F. Rooney photo

inspire those local painters who are thinking of exploring the world of portraiture.

The shows are on exhibit at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre at 320 Wilson until August 5.┬áThe Centre is open from 1 – 5 pm everyday except Saturday and Monday. Please call 250-814-0261 for more information.