A new gateway to Mount Revelstoke

Parks Canada designer Rob Buchanan members of the City's Public Art Committee some of the features he is proposing for a new gateway to Mount Revelstoke National Park that will be built on City-owned land at the base of the mountain just behind the Railway Museum. That’s where an old roadbed leads from town up to the park entrance. The gateway commemorates all of the men and women from 10 different countries who came here to ski jump during the last century. David F. Rooney photo
Here, Rob shows his design to members of City Council who were delighted with the proposal. The gateway project is designed to allow access to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders and, in winter, skiers and snow-shoers but no one using motorized vehicles of any kind. It will be built of stone and concrete while the memorial and the flagpoles will be steel. David F. Rooney photo