Year-end ceremony to recognize some special people at AHE

The year end always brings parents, students, teachers and staff together at Arrow Heights Elementary School and the 2010-2011 academic year was no exception. This was a pretty good year for the school and Principal Todd Hicks wanted to recognize students and parents for their contributions to school life. David F. Rooney photo
Among those being recognized were Parents Advisory Council members Steven and Cathleen Busch. David F. Rooney photo
AHE PAC member Karyn Molder receives a bouquet from her son Bryce. Karyn is the AHE PAC's representative o the District PAC. David F. Rooney photo
PAC Secretary Kelley O'Brien receives a bouquet from her daughter in appreciattion of her work for the school. David F. Rooney photo
PAC President Tracey Vopni received flowers from her daughter for all the work she has done this year. David F. Rooney photo
Teacher Sue Leach and Alison Just helped Principal Todd Hicks thank Student Council Co-Prime Ministers Cole Blakely and Bryce Molder and the other council representatives, Megan Cottingham, Erin Behncke, Marie Busch, Ali Beck, Justin Angelozzi, Lainey Thur and Madison Howard. David F. Rooney photo