Physicians support City’s pesticide ban

RE: “Pesticide ban doesn’t mean your lawn needs to be a weed jungle” (May 27)

Our doctors’ organization applauds Revelstoke for its cosmetic pesticide bylaw. We’ve found cities across Canada which ban these unnecessary chemicals look just great. Property-owners keep their lawns beautiful using effective non-toxic products.

We’ve also found pesticide bylaws are good for business. In the five years following passage of Halifax’s bylaw, for example, the number of landscaping and lawn care firms in the city grew by 53%, according to Stats Canada. We have every reason to believe companies in Revelstoke will experience a similar boost.

Of course the next step is a B.C. pesticide ban that goes province-wide. That would do even more to grow the economy, ensure safe drinking water and, most important, protect local children.

Gideon Forman
Executive Director
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment