Open House at Community Connections

By David F. Rooney

With 27 programs and a $3.8 million budget, Community Connections is certainly a presence in the community, but how many people have been through its doors or met its staff?

On Tuesday, the agency threw open its doors and invited members of the community to visit with its staff and enjoy a simple but hearty lunch in its kitchen and boardroom.

“We achieve a remarkable amount for the community,” said Gayle Morgan, executive director of Community Connections. “We have more than you would expect in a small city.”

Indeed it does. Its 57 staff members run the Adventurers’ Summer Day Camp, Children Who Witness Abuse Clinical Services Programs, Community Advocacy, Community Connectors, Community Garden, Community Kitchen, Community Outreach Program, Counseling Programs, Day Programs, Family Enrichment Program, Food Bank, Housing Outreach Program, Homeshare, Individualized Community Inclusion Program, Infant Development, Jumping Jacks Preschool, Parents and Communities Together, Residential Care, Stopping the Violence, Supported Childcare, Supported Employment, Tenant Support Program, Teen Camp, Volunteer Program, Women’s Outreach Program and Youth Services. That’s a heck of a lot of programs aimed at our community’s most vulnerable children and adults. They are tangible evidence that our community works to benefit everyone.


Here are some photos from the open house:

Patti Larson shows Cooper's Foods' Ben Harrack and Lloyd Keates sample hampers distributed at the Community Connections Food Bank. David F. Rooney photo
Cathie Thacker and Krista Stovel of the Revelstoke Employment Services Centre examine a display of photos at Community Connections during that agency's open house on Tuesday. David F. Rooney photo
Columbia Basin Trust Community Liaison Lynda Lafleur talks with Kristal Bradshaw at the open house. David F. Rooney photo
Social Justice Advocate Cathy Girling talks with Randy Gribble and Louise Wilson at the Community Connections open house on Tuesday. David F. Rooney photo
Erica Maltby is glad to be back for the summer. She'll be working with children through Community Connections' summer day camp program. David F. Rooney photo
Here's a rare portrait of Gayle Morgan, executive director of Community Connections. "We achieve a remarkable amount for the community," she said. David F. Rooney photo
Desiree Giroux enjoys a bowl of soup during the open house. David F. Rooney photo
Mmmm, tasty! People who attended the Community Connections open house were offered a simple lunch: sandwiches and either vegetarian or chicken and bean soup. The two soups are Campbell's Nourish brand, which it is promoting to assist food banks across the country. These were really very tasty products. David F. Rooney photo
Visitors at the open house enjoy their soup and sandwiches — and perhaps a cookie or two, as well — on Tuesday. David F. Rooney photo
Michelle Cole, Roger Bertrand and Karen Carter enjoys lunch at Community Connections. David F. Rooney photo
Mike Brown and Megan Shandro of Okanagan College dropped by for lunch, too. David F. Rooney photo
Well-known local gourmand and City Councillor Steve Bender enjoys lunch at Community Connections on Tuesday. David F. Rooney photo
Raine Carnegie hands Patti Larson a couple of bags of food and household products for the Food Bank. David F. Rooney photo
Now this is something you don't see every day and, no, Karley Trauzzi isn't camping out in her office. She's just showing some of the equipment Community Connections has for a special program to get people who otherwise might never go camping, outdoors. David F. Rooney photo