Landfill woes

For months now, Glacier House Resort owners Alex and Lia Szirmai say they have been trying to get the Columbia Shuswap Regional District to clean up the tonnes and tonnes of construction waste — much of it broken drywall — that looms above the berm surrounding the landfill on Westside Road. It's an ugly issue for them. How many resort guests want to pass a very obvious landfill on their way to a holiday in the mountains. "I have spoken with the owners of the Glacier House Resort and we are working together to compromise on a solution for the height of the piles," says Ben Van Nostrand, the CSRD's waste management coordinator. "We removed 45 tonnes of drywall last week and have schedule the removal of an additional 45 tonnes next week to try and lower the pile heights. The piles are not trash, rather they are segregated piles of drywall, asphalt shingles, concrete, wood waste, and metal. The piles are segregated for the purposes of recycling, which will ultimately extend the life of the Revelstoke landfill and delay requirements to one day site a new landfill. The piles are serviced within a limited budget, a budget which covers all CSRD facilities including the Golden, Sicamous and Salmon Landfills, as well as transfer stations."David F. Rooney photo